Fire Safety Management and Training

Fire Safety Management Practices

We offer a review of the day to day management of Fire Safety in a building to ensure compliance with a building owners legal responsibility to take reasonable measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire and to protect the lives and safety of occupants in the event of fire.

Fire Safety Management and Training

Fire Safety Register

G. Sexton & Partners Ltd. develop a personalised Fire Safety Register to ensure that a complete record is maintained of all Fire Safety matters relating to a premises.

The Fire Safety Register also provides a checklist for Fire Safety Managers to ensure that checks and training which are required are being carried out on an ongoing basis.

Fire Safety Training

We offer training to all staff of the emergency procedures and of the procedures for any other task that has been delegated to them in the event of fire to ensure an effective fire safety programme with staff familiar with the parts of the fire safety programme which relate to them.